Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Few Questions

A friend asked if I had retired the old but faithful Nikkei comparative (see Here) that helped guide the way lower in silver over the past few years. Although I've leaned on a few other examples and inter-market relationships to depict an upside pivot was likely at hand - I still find merit in contrasting Nikkei's historic breakdown and subsequent bounce.

Considering it's been a while - here's an update. 
I was also asked by another gentleman what my opinion was on coffee these days. 

Down over 30% over the past year, it has only been outdone on the dark-side by corn. Despite the glut of supply and forecasts of another bumper crop next year, pulling up a long-term chart puts some context with how oversold the commodity is today. 

For those looking for a kick of caffein and another heaping spoonful of risk - the upside pivot in silver this summer may be foreshadowing a turn for coffee as well.