Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Yenbone's connected to the...

While participants take cover this morning in the deep waters of Apple, this year's quantitative cocktail found in the yen - has been lit. Since making a high last September, it has led moves in the precious metals sector as the US dollar is bought or sold downstream. 

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The immediate result of which has been a sharp underperformance by Japan and the Nikkei - relative to the SPX. 
The early news with respect to the yen's immediate collateral damages abroad is the banks (BKX) continue to hold support, albeit precariously ~ 62.  
While we certainly would not expect a breakdown of like proportions, the comparative serves us both ways as a contrasting mirror to a specific momentum pattern's suggestion of a significant reversal. 

So far so good - as the BKX holds the line. 

"The power of the suggested is much greater than the statement of reality" - C.W. Mundy