As an independent participant, I begin each week by closely monitoring the underlying fundamentals of both the financial markets and the global economy. Where my research typically diverges from convention is when I then take that same top-down approach and apply a synthesis of pattern recognitions to isolate and scale historically similar price and momentum environments. Not surprisingly, although the catalysts and motivators between comparisons are more than likely dissimilar, the market reactions to various hopes and fears is quite repetitive. It is this self similarity and scale invariance of traders emotions that is presented within the charts, that can become a powerful intuitive edge to work and contrast from. It is by no means a certainty of future market expectations, but as I have presented over the past three years with Market Anthropology - a compelling analytical perspective to incorporate. 

He lives in the lovely country hamlet of Chester, New Jersey with his wife Kim and their four children.

He holds a BS from Bucknell University.