Market Anthropology is an independent journal on the financial markets, produced and edited by Erik Swarts.  The work provides a unique and novel perspective on global capital markets – including equities, commodities, currencies and yields.  A wide-ranging composite read of both quantitative and qualitative insights, the journal offers intuitive market analysis and timely commentary.

Erik is an independent trader and investor and brings a truly original approach to analyzing asset trends and the underlying market conditions that drive them.  His innovative work draws from both technical and quantitative understandings - as well as the cyclical and behavioral motivations that propel today’s markets.  Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Bloomberg and the Business Insider – his work is read widely by institutional investors, hedge funds, corporate managers, Treasury and governmental officials, individuals at major financial firms and private investors.

Erik and his wife Kim live in Chester, NJ with their four children.  He has an undergraduate degree from Bucknell University and in a previous
                                          career was a hydro-geologist in private industry.